For The Home Cooks

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This class is perfect for anyone who cooks, meal plans or does the grocery shopping at home. This class will enable you not only to save time and money each week, you’ll also pick up some handy skills anyone can implement in their kitchen at home.

Once you’ve completed the Home Cooks experience, you wont be buying bits and bobs at the butcher (and paying a premium for the privilege). You’ll be able purchase larger pieces of meat with the confidence and know-how to break them down in the comfort of your own home.

Watch in awe as the Bondi Butcher breaks down six chooks: six ways, while candidly sharing his trade secrets and recipes.

Next, you’ll learn the art of rolling your very own Porchetta (pork) roast, including how to tie the perfect knot in your butcher’s twine and ensure your meat cooks evenly. Just imagine the endless flavour choices you’ll have when you can DIY your very own stuffing! Scotty seals the deal with his perfect crackling methodology.

Guests choose between Lamb Leg or Pork Belly, two extremely versatile cuts of meat, that the Bondi Butcher will show you how to make the absolute most of – keeping grocery bills low, and food waste even lower.

Boning Lamb Legs

Scotty shows you the process of removing the bones from the leg (this is known as ‘boning’). You’ll learn about the primals and how to utilize each one in your cooking at home.

Whole Pork Belly

One whole pork belly: five different meals. From ribs, to diced pork (think ragu or Chinese style stir fry’s), to pork mince (San Choy Bow anyone?) to pork belly as is, The Bondi Butcher will show you just how much you can do with this miracle cut.

All guests will share in the cuts produced during the class to take home and enjoy.






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